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Sustainable raw materials

Cornerstone of Antarte's environmental agenda

Antarte is progressively investing in wood with reduced environmental impact.



Cryptomeria: sustainable and native



Light as a feather - when compared to other types of wood, it grows in our territory, in the Azores archipelago. It was brought from the forests of the Far East, being spontaneous in the central islands and in the south of Japan. Cryptomeria japonica grows in certified and sustainably managed forests in the Azores, where it has found a similar habitat.



It is a wood similar to the Sequoia (Redwood) from North America, it is aromatic, with absent resin channels and the presence of small to medium knots combined with possible internal cracks. All in all, it has an aesthetic appeal that dispenses with human intervention to result in an appealing look.



It is naturally so beautiful that Antarte has created a line of center tables, side tables and bedside tables which they named “Tronco”. The tops of the coffee and side tables and the entire body of the bedside table receive (obviously) a finish but are left practically intact in terms of the natural shapes of the cut wood.



To celebrate a Christmas that we want to help make increasingly socially responsible, in 2021 we interpreted the shapes of the Christmas tree in cryptomeria and the result is surprising: the incredible beauty of this wood is a hymn to Sustainability.




Oak: promoter of biodiversity


Oak forests are a natural heritage of enormous value and important environmental, ecological and socio-economic functions. They play a role in protecting the environment and conserving biodiversity and play a notable role in the landscape. The oak forests are preponderant in climate regulation and mitigation and in capturing carbon from the atmosphere, contributing to the reduction of the 'greenhouse effect'.


By forming good humus, they promote soil and water conservation. The oak forest formations are natural in the north and center regions of our country. They have a unique role in the conservation of fauna and flora, providing shelter and food for several species.