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About Us


“Furniture becomes timeless when its presence has the ability to define the soul of the space.”

Mário Rocha, Antarte CEO





We produce furniture pieces that respect timeless design and sustainability.




To produce furniture whose design defines the aesthetic concept and the functionality of the spaces in which it is inserted, using increasingly sustainable raw materials.

We want a planet in which our creativity and design Made in Portugal bring a timeless soul to the spaces and from this comes the capacity to generate profits that also revert to actions of social and environmental responsibility.

We design and manufacture products that enhance spaces in aesthetic and functional terms. We are proud of the Made in Portugal production of furniture creations of elegant and timeless design.







1998 | The Foundation


Antarte was founded in 1998 in Rebordosa, in the heart of the Portuguese furniture cluster by Mário Rocha and Zita Rocha as a company dedicated to antique furniture pieces and art.

It was these two business areas that terminated the creation and designation of the brand itself, whose name resulted from the fusion of 'antique' and 'art' - Antarte.




2000 | The first factory


Immediately they realized that innovation was indispensable. With the assembly of the first industrial unit in 2000, in Rebordosa, the brand dedicated itself to furniture with elegant and timeless design, with a quality standard of excellence.



2000 | Sydney: the first city to name a collection


The first collection was named 'Vanguard', but soon afterward one of the brand's distinctive features began: naming furniture collections after lifestyle-referential cities that serve as inspirations for their design. The first collection was named 'Sydney', a complete collection of dining room, living room, and bedroom products.




2000 | The First Store: Porto


Antarte is a 100% Portuguese brand and a reference in furniture and decoration trends in Portugal. The first shop store was opened in 2000 in Porto.

The expansion of the retail network has been constant over the years and currently, the brand has 14 stores in Portugal, from Braga to Vilamoura.



2002 | Start of Internationalization


In just a few years, the brand moved into foreign markets. The first destination was Spain in 2002. Internationalization continued in 2009 with a store in Paris, and in 2010 in Geneva. In 2012, the expansion to the African continent began with the opening of a point of sale in South Africa. This was followed by Luanda in 2013 and two years later Accra in Ghana and Marrakech in Morocco. In 2016, in was Abidjan in Ivory Coast, and in 2017, Sao Tome and Principe.




2010 | Pope Benedict XVI Armchair


In 2010, Antarte designed and produced the armchair of Pope Benedict XVI during the visit of the Supreme Pontiff to Portugal. It was the first series of armchairs created for national and international personalities of reference.

Made using chestnut wood, it was designed by architect Audemaro Rocha. Three prototypes and about 76 hours of work were needed to get to the final version. The Pope requested that the chair was sent to the Vatican.



2012 | Armchair inspired by José Mourinho


In 2012, we produced another armchair inspired by a leading personality: the coach José Mourinho. Made from walnut leaf wood, with carbon supports, it was designed by Portuguese designers Rui Pedro Freire and José Luís Ferreira.



2012 | President of the Republic Armchair


Also in 2012, Antarte created an armchair for the President of the Republic of Portugal, Aníbal Cavaco Silva. Built-in pressed ash leaf and designed by the designer Paulo Lobo, the piece needed three weeks of preparation, between rehearsals, testing, and production. In total it involved 7 people and 200 hours of work.



2021 | Coach Fernando Santos Armchair


In 2021, we created an armchair with the colors of the country for the former national selector, Fernando Santos. The entire process, from design to the choice of materials and colors, was accompanied by the national selector himself, with customization and manufacturing taken to detail as shown in the placement of the coach's monogram of the manufacture from the foot to the finish of the armchair.




2022 | Antarte Center


The new brand headquarters begins to operate. Designed by the renowned architecture office Space Workers, it is a building with several valences.

The first to start operating was the upholstery production unit for the manufacture of sofas, chairs, armchairs, beds, and sommeliers.

This was followed by an 800 m2 conceptual showroom to permanently exhibit the brand's collection.



2023 | “Expresso with Antarte” Bench


Antarte created a piece of urban art to mark the 50th anniversary of the newspaper Expresso: the bench 'Expresso with Antarte'. It intends to be a meeting place and an incentive to read.

The bench was presented on January 5th of 2023 by the founder of the newspaper Expresso, Dr. Francisco Pinto Balsemão, and by Mário Rocha, Antarte CEO.

Designed by the Antarte Design Center, after several creative meetings between the Antarte team, led by CEO, Mário Rocha and Mónica Balsemão, Marketing Director of the IMPRENSA Group, the development of the project totaled 180 hours. The production of each copy has an estimated duration of 28h30.

The copies produced will be placed in the headquarters of Expresso, SIC (Porto), and Antarte and also will be located in the 18 district capitals of Portugal.






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