Antarte donates 55 thousand euros to the Portuguese League Against Cancer

By donating 55 thousand euros in products to the Portuguese League Against Cancer, Antarte is helping cancer patients and their families.


Antarte remains committed to supporting social responsibility initiatives and joining noble causes such as the Solidarity Christmas Fair 2022. This event is organized annually by the Volunteers of the Regional Centre of the Portuguese League Against Cancer.


The fair, held in the Palliative Care Unit of Porto IPO, was open to all people who wished to purchase products at affordable prices, namely: clothing and footwear, home textiles, toys, decoration items, furniture, and antiques, among others.


Guilhermina Azevedo, Solidary Fair organizer, highlighted 'the importance of Antarte's offer with current items that not only embellished our fair but also made an important contribution to generating revenue to help cancer patients and families.


Antarte has a long history of supporting solitary and social responsibility causes and immediately supported this request from the Portuguese League Against Cancer, corresponding with a donation of over 55 thousand euros in products.


For Mário Rocha, Antarte CEO, «it makes us aware that we can make a difference for those who need it most when society is well mobilized. It doesn't matter where the good is made as long as you do it, and that makes me proud.»




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